Item #33937 George Washington's 1790 Grand Tour of Long Island. Dr. Joanne S. Grasso.

George Washington's 1790 Grand Tour of Long Island

Book Condition: New
Publisher: The History Press, July 2018.
Binding: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 1625859554

After being elected president, George Washington set out to tour the new nation, which was desperate for a unifying symbol. He spent five days on Long Island in April 1790, an area recovering from seven years of devastating British occupation. Washington saw it all, from Brooklyn to Patchogue to Setauket and back. He was honored at each stop and wrote extensive diary entries about his impressions of the carriage stops for food, overnight stays at taverns and private homes, as well as his vision for the future of the region. Author Dr. Joanne S. Grasso traces this momentous journey.

Item #33937

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