Item #37195 I Got a D in Salami #2 (Hank Zipzer). Henry Winkler, Lin, Oliver.

I Got a D in Salami #2 (Hank Zipzer)

Book Condition: New
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap, February 2004.
Binding: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 0448431637

Inspired by the true life experiences of Henry Winkler, whose undiagnosed dyslexia made him a classic childhood underachiever, the Hank Zipzer series is about the high-spirited and funny adventures of a boy with learning differences.

It's science project time in Ms. Adolf's class. This is good news and bad news for Hank-he loves science, but he hates the report part. So Hank turns to TV to take his mind off things. But when the program directory scrolls by too quickly for Hank to know what's on, he decides to take apart the cable box to try to slow down the crawl. Great! Now Hank has found the perfect science project! But what he wasn't counting on was his sister's pet iguana laying eighteen eggs in the disassembled cable box. How is Hank going to get out of this one?

Illustrated by Carol Heyer.

Item #37195

Price: $5.99

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