Item #56900 Sports Analytics From A to Z: Methods, Definitions and Real-Life Applications. Victor Holman.

Sports Analytics From A to Z: Methods, Definitions and Real-Life Applications

Book Condition: New
Publisher: Independently published, March 2019.
Binding: Trade Paperback
ISBN: 1090457790

Sports Analytics From A to Z is written for non-mathematicians who love sports, are interested in sports analytics, but do not have the time, or desire to learn complex algorithms or processes within the various statistical methods. Sports Analytics Expert and Consultant Victor Holman provides a range of sports analytics methods in a manner that the average reader can understand their concepts and more importantly, how the concepts have been applied and leveraged in the sports world by some of today's leading innovators in sports analytics. While the reader won't walk away from this book understanding how to execute or program these sports analytics methods, they will walk away with countless new ideas for how analytics can be leveraged to gather new insight into data. This sports analytics book is unique in that it identifies numerous sports analytics methods, it's alphabetically arranged, it outlines primary and secondary sports analytics methods applied in various research papers. Reading each of the research articles, and the sports analytics methods applied when performing the research will help the reader understand which statistical tool to use to approach their analytic challenges.About Victor HolmanVictor Holman is a sports analytics and performance expert, management consultant and author. His thought leadership in business performance, sports performance and process improvement has been demonstrated in several books, frameworks and products he has published over the last 15 years. Victor has served as a performance expert, data and enterprise systems project manager and management consultant to over 100 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and Federal Agencies. He's been featured in major television, radio and print media outlets for his ability to help small businesses outperform their competition by applying strategies, frameworks and management tools. And Victor is applying these same concepts to sports management and sports analytics. Victor believes that like small businesses, less talented sports programs can level the playing field by applying sports analytics methods that transcends their analytics programs beyond management decision making and into quantitative results delivered by the players. He also believes that to make a team function at optimal performance, it's critical that game data is gathered, analyzed and translated into value that can be easily measured and delivered by its players. Victor helps teams figure out how to apply their data and existing analytics systems to help players measure value, increase IQ and create synergy using his Agile Sports Analytics Framework. Victor authored the Agile Sports Analytics Book, which outlines the step by step process for getting players to execute the coach's strategy through an award system that measures player's ability to adapt their games to the team strategy and measures their contribution to wins.Victor developed the Agile Sports Analytics application, which provides the tools and drives the processes of the Sports Analytics Framework.Victor was recently recognized by Feedspot as the #2 sports analytics blog. His blog provides the latest strategies to help coaches, analysts and management improve the IQ, team dynamics & execution of their players. His blog also provides insight into all of the various statistical methods applied in sports analytics along with the key innovators and researchers who continue to push the sports analytics envelope. His blog posts are the foundation of this book. Victor developed the Sports Analytics Maturity Model, which outlines five phases, seven key success areas, 26 best practices and 130 key processes for sports programs looking to gain a competitive edge across all aspects of the program. To learn more about how Victor Holman can help your team leverage analytics to gain a competitive advantage, contact him at or (888) 861-8733.

Item #56900

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