Item #73258 Athena the Brain Graphic Novel. Joan Holub, Suzanne Williams, David Campiti, Glass House Graphics, Created by, Adapted by.

Athena the Brain Graphic Novel

Book Condition: New
Publisher: Aladdin, February 2022.
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 1534473874

Athena finds out she's a goddess and goes to Mount Olympus Academy in this first book in the Goddess Girls Graphic Novel series, based on the popular and long-running Goddess Girls series.

Athena always knew she was smart and special, but she didn't realize that she was a goddess! When she's whisked away to Mount Olympus Academy, she worries about fitting in and dealing with her dad, Zeus. Luckily, she meets the Goddess Girls and finds the best friends she's ever had.

Item #73258

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